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Understanding The Spy Inside Your Smart Speaker

Understanding The Spy Inside Your Smart Speaker

Smart speakers in our houses are just as trustworthy as the guests who come into our houses when we invite them. After all, it's a device when connected to your home internet.
You as a consumer do not want someone to bug your home knowingly. And, you give all your faith to this device and enjoy it. These new smart speaker platforms need to respect your privacy and provide reasonable security as you trust it by connecting it with every other smart device within your house.

 Amazon Echo (2nd generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Heather Gray FabricAmazon Echo


These speakers do not always transmit audible activity. Although the microphones are always listening, they remain deaf to your chatter until triggered by a wake-up word. For example for Amazon Echo would be, '' Alexa '' even thought through the Alexa app you can customize your desired wake up word. For Google home you say, '' OK Google '' or '' Hey google '' to activate the artificial intelligence. Similarly for Apple. Home Pod listens to '' Hey Siri ''.

Google Wifi Whole Home System (Single Pack) - White google home


Smart scams are not vulnerable to the traditional hackers, Amazon, Google or Apple (depending on the platform) .That does not mean your NORTON a smart speaker could conceivably be vulnerable to reconfiguration by compromised computer on the same network that does get hacked (although there is no date to prove its occurrence).

So, by having your WIFI secured and password-protected still stays critical as always. Saying more, avoiding trouble with your smart speaker is mainly a function of understanding and making wise decisions in your speaker's set up and use.

Here are some tips by Norton's courtesy to protect your privacy and to avoid misuse of your smart speakers.

  • Connect only with secure wifi. Eg: - do not share your password with your neighbors and change your wi-fi password every six months. A router which allows you to set up a dedicated guest network for visiting friends and family, to keep the privacy of your primary network.
  • Find out which smart speakers have an option of disabling the microphones when not in use. For, eg: - Amazon Sonos one and the echo edition have a button on top of switch. To stop Apple's HomePod from listening by saying '' Hey Siri, stop listening '' and also by using the Homepod App ''.
  • Never disclose your login ID and Passwords needed to use your Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home App. As with access to your login credentials can allow the user to reconfigure your speaker settings.
  • Enabling features like amazon DropIn and Apple's requests can expose your details at high risk of hacking.

DropIn is an intercom feature that connects all of your smart speakers at home and even speakers owned by your contacts who have permission to connect and communicate with your smart speaker automatically.

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Alexa app in case you have privacy concerns. Enabling personal requests with your HomePod allows you to make phone calls from your speaker on your behalf or any user. To send a text to hear. This feature can be disabled.

  • Online payment setup is the most common mistakes we do, so do not make up online payments in the case of your children. Amazon Echo speakers have an online purchase option on by default, by using the app.
  • If you have an automated door system in your home, think thrice before connecting your speakers to an automated system in your house.
  • Alexa and Google Home speakers make recordings of your voice to learn and provide improved services everytime you request for a service using your voice.

Everything you say or ask for is in the system, to be on the safe side you should always delete sensitive request system.
To delete data and voice recordings from Amazon Eco

  1. log in to your Amazon online account
  2. Select your device
  3. Choose the "Your Content and Devices" link from the drop-down menu.

By setting up right, you can avoid all the security issues. All you need is to understand your smart speaker features and apply common sense you can confidently enjoy all the benefits of your smart speaker and minimize the risks involved.
For more in-depth knowledge of your smart speaker security click on the link below: -Smart Speaker Security Full Instructions

How To Educate You Smart Speaker

Be it any smart speaker, they are dumb for a fact, until connected to the internet, furthermore connected to your smartphone or tablet app.
All amazon speaker products and features can be accessed through the app called '' Alexa '' to use the features. Google Home app, setting up the device and controls can be accessed through google voice assist.

You can download and install your Apple iPod App on your HomePod via Apple Home App. (Homepod only works with apple music as it only supports Apple-related products and services).

By using the app, you can name your device and change the settings according to your preference and connect it to all the smart accessories in your house. play music for you such as locking your smart door and switching on or off of your bright lights.

You can set up a feature called Alexa Skills and with google assistant say '' actions ''. Skills and Action can help you more, you can buy tickets, order emergency services, buy movie tickets, control you dish antenna, dim or switch lights, turn on the fan in a particular room.
A wi-fi compatible hub is needed to be installed and connected to all the smart accessories in your house. One of the most popular brands, which is compatible with all the primary smart speaker in the market is Samsung smart things Hub '' it acts as an intermediary between your speaker and the accessories attached to your hub.

One of the significant benefits is all the smart tv just by giving one voice command.

The most exciting feature is giving one command for multiple actions. Both Alexa and google assistant follow an action called "Routine." It's a macro command that strings together with a series of actions under one command. For example: - you can set up you smart speaker for a movie that involves your smart tv tune into cd mode or turn on your computer, connects your tv with an external home theater system,

the closing of motorized curtains, putting on the condition of the night,

Apart from going and putting the cd into the cd player, you would be able to do it all.
Even the manufacturers are putting much online help through demonstration videos that can always come handy to save you time and frustration.me but frustration too.

Smart Speaker Accessories

Speakers were just devices that only enhanced the sound quality to enjoy your favourite tunes. Who knew those smart speakers would turn into revolution known as Alexa and other smart speaker platforms, where you can connect all types of gadgets to serve you better and make your life at home more comfortable, by just using your voice.
Like a Furbo Dog Camera, which can be connected through an app.
Interesting, want to know how it works?
Enable your vote at Furbo account and start tossing treats at your dog by saying: -

  • "Alexa, ask Furbo to treat every 30 seconds for five minutes".
  • "Alexa, ask Furbo0 to toss a treat every 30 minutes between 7 am and 7 pm ''.
    The trick is to set up your own command while you are at home and within shouting distance of your speaker. It has to be the voice of the man.
    Alexa, contact cleaning service and schedule house cleaning at 10 am tomorrow. ' '
  • Today there is a wide range of smart devices that can be controlled by your voice like, door locks, cookers,
    electrical appliances, thermostats. Tv sets from Sony, Hisense, Samsung (works on Bixby platform the same as Alexa for Amazon). Light bulbs and fixtures like Philips hue soundbars and speakers, streaming devices like google chrome cast and universal smart remote from Logitech Harmony and more to yet to come in the market for sale.
    Can we see an end to all of this? to give you a heads up US based firm KOHLER has lined up an extensive collection of bathroom and kitchen appliances that includes a mirror with customized lighting and speakers. The advanced toilet comes with a heated seat, a foot warmer and hands-free control (which means you do not need to flush physically).
    The best way to move forward is to learn your self on these smart speakers.


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